Thanks for visiting goodfellas official site called 'goodfellascentral'. Goodfellas consists of five fellow malaysians: haizam on drums, pjoe and bulost on guitars, atta on bass and epul on vocals and we are here to enjoy and share our music, make more friends and spread the words of peace and respect. You can find out more about us on this site and also feel free to add us on myspace, friendster, facebook, and youtube. JUTAAN TERIMA KASIH DI ATAS SEGALA SOKONGAN YANG DIBERIKAN!!!


for more info about the video, CLICK HERE!


EP is out for grab!!!!

1st EP kami "HOPE" sudah berada di pasaran. dapatkan yeeeeee! contact EPUL 017-2458914 atau dapatkan di gigs segera! semua designs adalah hasil bakat seni rakan kami 'hikel'. terima kasih sudi buatkan designs yg super coooool ni.

EP front cover

CD cover

EP back cover


Anonymous said...

eijam? i think aizam is better..

goodfellas said...

tu la mane plak datang 'eijam' tu... -pjoe goodfellas-

The Ace of Goodfellas said...

tu arh pasai. ako0 pon rasa aizam is better. but then, oh well, dah setel pon. alhamdulillah.

sickchild said...

cool wehh. hahahaha.

adek joe cole said...

yg cover blakang tuh supposed ade logo company goodfellas.tp last2 minit xletak sbb design yg ade logo tuh title 26 jun da jd 27 jun.heh.sodih pakcik.

goodfellas said...

xpa ah ni da kira cun da nih. -pjoe-

Anonymouse said...

Aha! Hay zam better..